About beginnings

I wish I had something insightful to tell you.

Beginnings are everything but full of insight. They can be tentative or deliberate, weak or strong, quiet, sometimes triumphant. But nobody has a very clear understanding of what is going on in the beginning of anything.

Think of a book you have just started reading or a TV show you just discovered. Chances are the characters are as confused as we are about who is doing what and why.

Here we are in real life, at the start of something. For me, this blog. For you, I can only guess. A project? A relationship? A pregnancy? A book?

Whatever it is, we all have them. Whether it is those big new beginnings or the tiny ones that have been whispering in our ear for some time, they are there. Taking up space in our minds until we can no longer ignore.

Then this looming question…


How in the world do I begin?

I choose to begin with the humble realization that I don’t know how and that’s okay.

I dare to say I am not an expert in anything really. I won’t chase after witty words that will never come.

I would rather be someone who starts things.

I bet you want to as well.

I am not going to lie; facing uncertainty is the very bane of my existence. Those who have been following me for a while can attest to this. Why else in the world would I leave my blog empty when in some weird twist of fate I actually have people following me?

To you, awesome people, who have chosen to follow my empty blog, thank you for being patient.

Do you, like me, have trouble with beginnings?